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The girl who is constantly dating with her purple and pink calculator. Thomasian. Not half Chinese just 1/4. Dreamer. Blogger since 2008.
"I have thoughts more tangled than your earphones."

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143rd Day of the Year!
Monday, 23 May 2011 || 07:46 || COMMENT HERE ♥

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Yay! May 23 is the 143rd day of the year and it's also my mum's birthday:010: We didn`t go out to celebrate the birthday of one of those awesome mothers in the world unlike last year we went in Tramway. We just celebrate it here in our house (dinner time) but of course with the atmosphere full of love :162: And guess what? My sister and I bought a cake from Red Ribbon for our mum :041: See? we're sweet daughters lol :062: Honestly, a cake isn't enough to show how much we love her and to pay for her heroic deeds :161: I super love my parents. They never fail to provide our basic needs. Even the things that are not really necessary, they're willing to buy those for us. No, we're not spoiled. We don't get all the stuff we're craving for. We still know our limits. Having money isn't easy as counting 1 up to 100 :197: There are certain times when parents spoil their children, and I think it's inevitable HAHAHAHA :131: They just want to give those things for their children 'cause they love them and they're one of the reasons why they work really hard, right? :107:

Anyways, I don't just make this post just to focus on the things I blabbed above =)) I want to make this tag thingy too since sis Patrish, Lovelee, Kate, Claui, Nikole and Jean tagged me.
Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves.
You have to choose and tag ten people.
Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them.
No tag backs.
Have Fun.

1. I love rainy days.
2. I can stay in front of the computer for 10 hours or more.
3. Wanted to take up Investigative Journalism but I changed my mind when I had taken Journalism as my specialization in high school.
4. I was supposed to be a Benildean taking up MMA.
5. I'm afraid to engage myself in a relationship since someone broke my heart. That's why I'm NBSB.:170:
6. I love spicy noodles.
7. I love dipping my fries :108: in ice cream/float :109:
8. I'm longing to have a kuya.
9. I act too childish sometimes.

So I'm tagging the bloggers who haven't done this tag yet Tine, Iyahn, Kristen, Jean, Nadine, Jacque, Claire, Ieyel, Pearl and Bhamba.

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