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The girl who is constantly dating with her purple and pink calculator. Thomasian. Not half Chinese just 1/4. Dreamer. Blogger since 2008.
"I have thoughts more tangled than your earphones."

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Make Everything You've Got A Luxury Brand of Happiness
Wednesday, 4 April 2012 || 01:12 || COMMENT HERE ♥

AY 2011-2012 has finally came to its end and thank God I survived my first year as an AMVian. And yes, I was totally stressed just before I hit my summer vacation. ehem, finals. But hey, I already saw my grades for the second sem :180: I AM PROUD TO SAY THAT MY SEMESTRAL AVERAGE IS QUALIFIED FOR THE DL :137: Just the second sem ave though. If I worked harder, I could get the needed .1 on my GWA, so I could be a DL :124: After all, I truly am happy with what I got :017:

Not posting for updates on this blog is kinda hard to decide which topic should I focus on. Since I don't want to bore you guys, I will post the photos 'bout my post birthday celebration last March 31 :041: Let the pics tell you what went on that day. and I think it's pretty damn well. HEAVY IMAGE POST AHEAD :048:

Ralph gave me dozen of brownies :032:
Shades from Alex and another new Blue Spirit Pillow from Mags and FJ :062:
(L-R)FJ(OMG! I MISS YOU BAKLA!:162:) , Alyssa, Mich, Firtz & Jean.
(L-R)Ralph, Amante, Me, Maggie & Alex :161:

Some of the foods :042:

We were not complete :120: (eff those liga of SK
and dance club chuchu :122:haha JK!)

God knows how much I crave for pizza everytime
the word "pizza" popped into my mind *hihi* :192:
Still reading The Hunger Games at Shakey's after we ate
& at Coffee Beanery 'cuz Mich wanted to borrow the book that night :078:
*the girl holding a bread knife isn't Mich, that's Maggie :) *
We love to take photos while strolling around the mall
That's how we roll and we love it :))
Went @ The Coffee Beanery, West Avenue around 10 PM
since Coffee Works and Starbucks are too jampack :113:
TCB's ambiance :062: The place at that time
was really meant for me. They played Runaway twice,
my friends looked at me just when they were aware it was Runaway :189:
Mich's Iced Mint Choco. It was supposed to be hot =)) tsk.
After leaving Coffee Beanery

We met at 6 PM and went home around 11:30 PM. Haha. Hello dinner date with friends! :162:

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