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Great Onscreen Couples
Sunday, 26 June 2011 || 19:36 || COMMENT HERE ♥

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Somehow, cinema plots about couples who do not face any problems or challenges just aren’t very interesting. It isn’t that I like watching people suffer. I think it’s because I know that no relationship is without its challenges and at some point every couple will have to face some difficulty. There are certain onscreen couples who have really caught my attention:


A lot of women feel an obligation to choose a man that their families and peer groups will approve of. In doing so, the woman may not be staying true to her heart. I love watching two people follow their hearts and choose each other despite what society, friends and certain family members might say. Rose clearly chooses Jack forever.

Romeo and Juliet

The Shakespearean play has served as a template for hundreds of tales of forbidden love. The 1968 movie version is one great example. Romeo’s family and Juliet’s family hate each other but the two teenagers fall in love. Juliet’s family wants her to marry someone else. In an attempt to escape that marriage she fakes her own death and plans to run away with Romeo. When Romeo sees Juliet in a temporary coma, he thinks she is dead. He doesn’t want to live without her so he kills himself. When Juliet wakes up from her coma, she sees Romeo dead and kills herself for real. After the tragic deaths, the families finally stop fighting. The message is that parents shouldn’t try to control their children’s hearts. This can be an issue with Christian families wanting their children to marry other Christians. And when it comes to Muslim dating UK families can be just as hard on their children as those in countries with stricter religious codes.

Lady and the Tramp

True love isn’t just for humans. In another case of forbidden love that triumphs in the end Lady is an American Cocker Spaniel with upper middle-class owners. She meets a stray mutt called the Tramp. Her owners certainly don’t want her to spend time with strays or mutts and the other dogs tell her that he is trouble. But when the Tramp rescues Lady from the pound and saves the family baby from a rat, he proves himself to be the true romantic faithful friend. If www.eharmony.co.uk existed for dogs, doesn’t that sound like the kind of male female pooches would be looking for?

When Harry Met Sally

Even after you move out of your parents’ house, complete your university studies and move somewhere like New York City, something can still get in love’s way. In this case, what gets in the way are Harry’s And Sally’s stubborn personal beliefs about male-female relationships. It takes the twelve years that the movie spans, for the two to realise that they are both very much in love with each other, despite their differences of opinion.

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