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The girl who is constantly dating with her purple and pink calculator. Thomasian. Not half Chinese just 1/4. Dreamer. Blogger since 2008.
"I have thoughts more tangled than your earphones."

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Dear 2003
Monday, 16 April 2012 || 00:13 || COMMENT HERE ♥

Late nights of thinking out of nowhere seems crazy at the same time a must act. Crazy? `cuz it's like that the only thing you'll do is to shut your eyes and fall asleep then dream, but still your mind drops you into a moment of meditation and reflection of some things in your life. And hey, truly, lots of things keep on popping out in your mind. Some have the capacity to make you smile but most put you in a depression :165: Like you want to shout and tell yourself to move on with those need-to-be-forgotten blahs in you:158:

I'm the type of person who always find myself still looking at the past experiences. Subsequently, makes me want to go back and do everything right so I can still have what I had on the past. But I can't. I have no super power to do that or even time machine to send me to the year, place and people I've wanted to see :121:

This leads me to the point of realizing that year 2003 was the start of life changing happenings in my life :156: I've been dying to stop my 2003 version to transfer school, leave my friends especially my BESTFRIEND *I love you so much. You don`t know how much I miss you, be with you and hug you so tight* :139: and many more-- IT IS! Nevertheless, I thought that I wouldn't meet the people I treasure right now if those things didn't happen.

They say things happen for a reason. Cliche yet it simply put most of us to think deeply about it. Now, I won`t mind going back to the journey I've already traveled. The only thing I want is to visit the place and have a "reminiscing scene" haha. Finally, meet my old friends and my bestfriend. I can't bring back the time but at least hoping that God permits to bring back what I once had :166:

On the lighter note, in four days, there will be Forever 21 branch in SM North Edsa:198:

I love SM North!!!

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