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Looking Back
Tuesday, 19 February 2013 || 08:11 || COMMENT HERE ♥

The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you've come
If I am not mistaken, I have already posted here on my blog how sentimental person I become at random times. I guess, it's just really a part of me... ohh girls. Memories from the past about friendship do suddenly popped out from my mind. How my childhood bestfriend and I unfortunately separated by my parents decision of migration and transferring house and there I was, super excited to try new things out without even knowing its consequences. *its not that I don't know how to treasure what I l already have* And to tell you, I don't put the blame on my parents, since I'm a person who keeps this everything-happens-for-a-reason principle. Yea, it happened because it was meant to.

Until now, I always think of what could happen if I stayed. Would our friendship last longer and bind with more oh-so-happy moments? I think, yes :) Knowing how crazy we become when we're together ;) Honestly, 6 years ago, I was dreaming of going back from the days when I was in grade 3. On the other side, I'm thinking of the friendship I already weave with the ones I also consider true friends, the persons I met when I have taken another route in my life. Don't make me choose between those two routes.

My old self, the one who easily agreed about the idea of my parents and  thinking I could still keep the friendship I had at that time even if I let distance came between my childhood bestfriend and I, is the person I never fail to examine. Ending up, it is I who's asking my own self, "Do you exactly know the  value of that friendship or you could just easily detach yourself?" Well, I hate to say this but there was a time I believed I was like that, until HS ended. Situations that have passed unknowingly showed me how I value friendship. Until now, we can say we're one of those barkadas that are still super close and still roll as if we see each other everyday. Distance is not a big deal. Telling each other our random dilemma and we-cant-get-over-with stories doesn't fade. It's so funny to think how we lighten up our feelings even we're only communicating via chat or phone calls. Magic of friendship? :) ♥

This is literal, looking back =))) 
Last Saturday, I attended a debut party of my long time friend from elementary. It's so rare to keep a friendship from elem days, right? But for us, we're able to maintain the "spark" hahahaha. It feels really good to be reunited with your friends especially if your relationship started many years ago. ;)) lemme highlight that many years ago lol.  I was also able to see and have a chitchat with one of our friends too :) We talked about some of our elementary thingamajigs =))

Looking back at these, I can now strikethrough my other old self, the one who believed she didn't know the value of what she already have and could easily detach from it.. *insane, huh?*.  I will cling to the idea that I don't easily unfasten myself from friendship and things just happen for a reason so I must not blame myself and shower myself with dumb thoughts that can degrade me .

It's nice to look back from your past, there might things that will bring you to the point of realization, and you never know how it can change your view with your own self. For me, I am happy from where I am right now :)

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