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Monday, 10 September 2012 || 08:14 || COMMENT HERE ♥

HI GUUUUYYYYS! I've been busy in my whole prelim period and 1/4 of finals. I know it's not new to you now of me saying this for I have been using this excuse since I started blogging. But yeah, it's true. School works it is! -____-
The photo above is not recently taken. If you are my follower on twitter you prolly remember me posting this ;;) I just posted that here for the sake of showing to you guys what my post is all about. HAHAHAHA. Weirdo? :/ Mmmkaaay.
We have already taken 4 quizzes in Accounting 1A&B (Accounting course in UST started in your 2nd yr), the results were pretty good but I am looking forward to ace more quizzes! :) From the start of this school year I really want to be one of the students being exempted in the retention exam so there will be no more stress for me to study Philo again and review accounting from chapters1 to infinity *exxage* BUT THE REAL GOAL HERE IS TO STAY IN BSA :D
USTET is easy, but NOT VERY EASY. The concern is on how longer you can stay ;) If you know what I'm trying to convey.
Well, I blog because I feel to update my baby! It feels so good to finally blog again at this time. It's already 11:43 PM and there's something in my system which makes my mind so peaceful and relax. Oh I think it's because of the worship I've attended a while ago. I wanted to tell you the MAJOR updates in my life since my last blog entry, but you might get bored. Haha. It's not a "boring story" tho. Labo! Anwyays, I'll just post it whenever I feel to.

Before I end this post, I wanna ask you what True Love really is? Drama? Well, I am not totally blank about it. But I am currently in the position of wanting to know more. Haha.

Ciao! ;) xx

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