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The girl who is constantly dating with her purple and pink calculator. Thomasian. Not half Chinese just 1/4. Dreamer. Blogger since 2008.
"I have thoughts more tangled than your earphones."

God, This guy, books, music, photography, pizza, milk tea, cupcakes, chocos, cereals, rainy days, friday/saturday nights, Paris, travel, floral dresses & skirts, shoes, purple stuff, stage plays, movies, blogging. more »

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Hi everyone, sorry for not visiting you back. I'll hit back once I get a free time. kisses! xx :) just leave a message :)


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Layout + Pinning
Friday, 20 April 2012 || 23:24 || COMMENT HERE ♥

Hi everyone! I got a new layout since sis Mei told me to update my layout and I want my blog to have a new look too :137: BUT before the updates I really want to say THANK YOU FOR THE COMMENTS on my previous "serious" post. What you have told me really means a lot! Each one of you touched my heart, really :183: MUWAH.
Mmkaay let's talk about the layie Hihihi. I love it to be plain gray but when I was doing the header I couldn't help to add those pastel colors :117: As you can see I changed my font too, though some of my blog visitors like it. BUT some of my readers thought that letter I was J. Just when they had realized that it was really I, they would go back to the first paragraph and read my post again.:192:EHEM Sis Gail & Ate Kei :010:
I put SOME of my past layouts I've used and made ,which I was able to revive, under OWNER. Tinypic saved some of those layies :152: I had also found a new script and decided to use it. What is it? Well, it is for you to find out. Hihihi. :180:

I have another update guys! Yesterday was my sister's pinning ceremony. It happened two days after their graduation :161: I wasn't able to go with them in the graduation at PICC 'cuz only two tickets were given to each graduate. Since it also had two tix on the Pinning Ceremony, and my dad had a visitor on that day, I was the one who went with my mom at Crossroad 77. So here are the photos. Again, let the photos tell what had happened :151: Sorry for the quality :)

Cousin, Chin-Chin :))
She went with us when my dad dropped us at Crossroads
Sister and Mom :)
Kiddo pose :166: Outfit from BeckyVintage
Stolen by mom :167:
There's no thin like it:198: =))))

We just ate at Shakey's SM North `cuz mom was so hungry and didn't want to find some restau. Yeah, I know. Shakey's never get out of my list :175: Since my dad called and told us to come home ASAP 'cuz of his visitor, we haven't stayed longer and visited F21 :( Unfortunately, when we arrived home his visitor wasn't there anymore :118:

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