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Two Decades and One ♡
Wednesday, 26 March 2014 || 10:00 || COMMENT HERE ♥

The lovely bouquet and cupcakes ♥

Before the most eerie-that-will-make-me-cringe day comes, I was seriously having this so-called birthday blues which I didn't know there is truly such a word until I exactly feel how it is like. I always have this love and hate relationship when my birthday comes. Each one of us surely understand what I mean about this ambivalent feels when your birthday is fast approaching because of adding plus one whenever you are being asked of your age when you are filling out a form or whatever! On the other note, most of us are excited to blow another plus one candle placed on our cake (if you still have this norm of having cakes on your birthday) or even just to celebrate your special day with your loves getting drunk the night away!

In my case, as much as possible I want to hide my real age for I am always one of the oldest kiddo *hihi* in class! They are always a year younger than I am. But I still always have this/these person/s who happened to came out on this world in the year 1993, the same year which my parents brought me to life. A lot prolly asking, "How come you're *insert age here* already? But you don't look like *insert age here again*?" Hahaha kiddin'! Drop the second question! Maybe I should put all the blame on this almost migration to Canada...Florida thingy. That's all I have to vouchsafe!

Back to my birthday blues. Huh, it's normal! I thought I was being paranoid and all. But no! I don't expect something from my parents, friends, and closest ones to throw me a surprise because my birthdate fall on a Sunday this year. March 9 flowed smoothly. Mass, foods, greetings, heart-melting messages via phone, Twitter, Facebook,  and of course face-to-face, lil' gifts, real and virtual hugs and kisses! ♥ aaand him constantly reminding me of this thing that must have been treated as if it didn't happen at all.

Come the next day, I entered the room whilst my blockmates sang me a birthday song which I always consider one of the awkwardest moments in life. I just clapped my hands when everyone was singing and pretend to make a princess-like bow, or whatever you want to call it ;) 

Pau and I had a mini chitchat date at Mcdo UST Carpark eating almost a tray of fries+ Pasta Boy, just like we did when we were still 1st and 2nd year, w/o Kath now tho. 

After my class in FinMan, I had no idea that my A14 & A5 friends were already preparing a surprise for me! ♥♥♥ My A5 friends told me to accompany them to the photocopying area but then took the different hallway again because I dunno, but I just follow them until we turned right to the org room's front door! And there they were! Kim was holding a purple lovelyyyy bouquet, Arvin held the cupcake box with sparkling-like-fireworks-candles on its sides, and the rest are singing a birthday song! That moment was heart-warming, seriously.

Now I know why Pau didn't answer me when I asked her who was on the other line of the phone when we were at Mcdo. It's because Kim and Kath were the ones who phoned her to ask where we were so they could hide the bouquet =))

That night, I spent most of my time arranging the flowers into the vase instead of studying OpMan (I guess). Hihi. The flowers were all so lovely. Too bad I haven't known what its name until now. The cupcakes are so cute and yummy!!! I love its sweetness and texture inside :> The one who made it deserves a reward. Haha. 
Cupcakes, anyone? :) ♥
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