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The girl who is constantly dating with her purple and pink calculator. Thomasian. Not half Chinese just 1/4. Dreamer. Blogger since 2008.
"I have thoughts more tangled than your earphones."

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Hi everyone, sorry for not visiting you back. I'll hit back once I get a free time. kisses! xx :) just leave a message :)


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Clingy Like Maring? Yes.
Wednesday, 21 August 2013 || 10:38 || COMMENT HERE ♥

Been busy these past few months since I entered my Junior life. I got the chance to pause my hiatus mode on this blog because of the class suspensions. Psh Maring. I noticed that my last post here was last May -_- Missed updating this blog for the month of June and July. So that's how busy I was all those times, huh? Tho, I am active on my supposed-to-be-secret blog. NYDP serves as, more like, a trash bin of my bad vibes. Prolly, that's the reason why I use it more than this blog. As much as possible I want this just to be my online closet for all the events happening in my life and not to be stained by some sh*tness. So yeah. I think that explains why I rarely post here.

How's my Junior life so far? Hmmm. Bring me back to those months I'm with my clingy bitches. Huhu. I'm missing them so much. All the good laughs and everythiiiing--how we roll so hard! Plus, the keirbels days in Accounting. Haha Huhu. Honestly, I'm searching for the good old days to happen at my new place in AMV, Like someone to suddenly crack a joke during class hours or even vacant time. The hangouts after class as well as the food trips in between. Again, I think I should remind myself that not all things can be the same again. I must stop looking for the same things I thought will last, like this. I shall start opening my arms for the new people around and let the situations happen on its own way. I know I am embracing the new things and gradually see the bests that are approaching. And I will tell myself, He really knows how to transform everything in place. It will all fall to its place, eventually. 

Taken after the Junior Orientation at Ilar's ♥

Some A14 ♥
The photos are taken during the month of July...ATA =))))

I want to blog some worth the post which happened from May-present. But let's see. I am looking forward to the upcoming "events" I will blog here and on NYDP :"> 
Nina: The Nice; Me: The Maldita; Jayvee: The Evil
PEG =)) 

Sorry guys for not visiting your blogs. Going to hit you back, soon ♥ :* 

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