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Not Having Plans to Give Up
Wednesday, 27 March 2013 || 02:55 || COMMENT HERE ♥

My AY 2012-2013 second semester journey had more obstacles compared to first sem. Prolly because I find Math of Investment probs way easier than Calculus *I love lessons from derivative onwards, tho ;) * , and some Acct2A&B quizzes gave me headaches and heartaches  -_______- 

I cried once over my prelim grade thinking it would be impossible for me to be exempted anymore and my Acct1 grade would just turn into waste, then almost gave up from exerting effort, but I didn't. There were reasons coming my way telling me to still hold on tight... fight more!

 The day came of letting the sophomores know who would be exempted, take the retention exam or will be going to MA. I wasn't exempted and I have to take the retention exam. Little by little, I accepted it. But when my friends called me and texted me inspiring words, I couldn't help myself but cried. I was touched ♥
Stressful days again. I lose weight too! :| not good. It feels like I was about to take a board exam. Retention exam was on March 22. Mix emotions!!! While taking my exam, my phone kept on vibrating. I know those were goodluck mesages :") It served as my driving force that time. After that, some of my blockmates and I were talking about. We couldn't control ourselves from jumping and screeching whenever we had same answers =)) Super funny. Unexpectedly, the result was released on the same day. Aaaaaand I MADE IT! :) Super thankful to the people around me who never failed to cheer me up, gave me inspiring words, believing in me, and always there to comfort me :* Of course to the Man above ;) St. Jude, thanks a bunch. My angels and the saints ;> 

Now, myUSTe posted our grades already. Fortunately, I'm able to maintain my DL grade :) I still remember the night I was ranting about my GWA, that maybe I wouldn't be a DL anymore. But hey, look... I am still into it! Super sakto again. Thank you. Lord :* ♥ You really has plans. I want to post my grades here on my blog since not all of the people I know personally know this blog.

I know. My ACCT 2A&B is 2.25. Muntik na ma-dos :)

OT: I've already read She's Dating the Gangster :) 5 Stars for the author! I'm not actually into reading Tagalog love stories, but this one is an exemption! It made me crrryyyy :'( If there will be a movie, I'll totally watch it!!! ♥ 

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