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The girl who is constantly dating with her purple and pink calculator. Thomasian. Not half Chinese just 1/4. Dreamer. Blogger since 2008.
"I have thoughts more tangled than your earphones."

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I'm a Thomasian; Ako'y Tomasino
Wednesday, 12 October 2011 || 00:19 || COMMENT HERE ♥

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1st Sem AY 2011-2012 was done! :161: I survived half of the first part of college life. UST is my second home now :180:

Little by little, I'm learning to adjust and deal with the things sitting beside the road I'm taking. College is really different from high school I tell you! For me, the worst part I'm hating about in college so far is the grading/pointing system. In high school you will get a deduction of five points 'cause of your five mistakes. But in college, from your five mistakes you'll receive -10 points or sometimes higher than that. Studying hard isn't enough, studying harder is! :120:

So how's my college life so far? :107:

As a freshman in UST, I'm in the status of making new friends. I joined a lot of orgs, but I'm most active I guess in UST YFC. I've had crushes too =)) hahahaha. I also notice that I am starting to eat a lot since the food stalls are placed in our building. Bot no worries, it's my plan to pig out! Prolly, you know about the so-called "Thomasian Freshmen Walk." Unfortunately, the walk had been cancelled for how many times due to the inclement weather before it was pursued. Freshmen are certified Thomasian after entering the national treasure Arch of the Centuries. A party for the freshie was held at Plaza (the picture above). Spongecola performed too :152: There were so many events happened for this semester. UST is good in holding events y'know :133: UAAP Cheerdance in Araneta was super fun too! I enjoyed waving my three yellow balloons while voicing out "GO USTE!"

Anyways, viewing of our grades is on the 15th. I'm quite nervous! Honestly, I'm not expecting to get high grades just like in HS. I didn't do really good last sem because of adjustment. Well, I'll do good or even better next sem! :179:

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