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Definitely Japan. Definitely Kojie.san
Saturday, 12 April 2014 || 12:37 || COMMENT HERE ♥

"The finest clothing made is a person's own skin..." says Mark Twain. 

Apparently, the finests are the things that should be highly taken care of. They only deserves the first-rates. And the skin is one of those that when properly cossetted will surely fuel us up to step into the limelight. ;)

Besides, skin is our largest organ so it is really a must to take care of it with a proper lifestyle and also have it pampered by the best skin care products. I repeat, the BEST skin care products! You don't want to suffer from not-so-good-to-look-at skin cases cause by not trusted ones, and cry your heart out because of pain when applying treatments just like what my cousin had experienced.  From that time on, I become more careful to choose the products I am going to use especially for my face. 

So how did I learn about Kojie soap? It happened like this during high school:

Friend 1: Look at Ralph, his face looks way more flawless now. He doesn't even have pimples!
Me: *looks at his way* Woah oo nga (I agree)!
Friend 2:  What are you applying on your face, Ralph?
Ralph: *smiles* Yung Kojie soap, yung color orange. (It's Kojie soap, the orange one.)

Most of us in the circle are still using the soap. I even found out that some of my friends were already a Kojie soap user just before they knew it from Ralph. At first I was in doubt to try it. Not long after when everyone's blurting out how effective it was and after reading few reviews bout the soap, I gave it a try. I was amazed how it does wonders!!! My friend and I are even telling others that we are one of the FACES OF KOJIE.san! lol. ;;)

I guess Kojic also makes you look younger.

Anon on Ask.fm ;-)

My mum always told me not to rely and put so many skin products sprouting in the market and be careful of the not trusted products and brands. Mom always know the best.When it comes to my skin care, is it really important to use only the original Kojic acid soap. Not to mention the boxes in our bathroom I could use to build the "Tower of Kojie.san" *hihi*

WHY ONLY THE ORIGINAL? Let me share to you the three reasons I have in mind. Simple as ABCs! *no need to memorize. hihi* :)


Avoiding Regrets.  I've always been a type of girl believing that all of us especially the girls must indulge their skin in a pampering sesh without worries of having an undesirable result. Some bought a cheaper one just so they can save money without knowing that they are already sacrificing something that will cost them more bucks to spend upon in the coming days. I don't want to regret it in the end.


Bringing Out the Genuine Youngness. "Are you as phony as a three-dollar bill?" NOT! I don't like to receive wholeheartedly such statements thrown against me. Oh c'mon all of us aren't worthy of something not genuine at all. Especially with something that makes us feel real good-- like our skin! Dare to get what you deserve, girl! 


Cultivating CONFIDENCE. Original Kojiec is tantamount to getting the best for my skin. Getting the best for my skin totes boosts my confidence! And I am always holding the perception that confidence is basically the key to travel life journey on our own best way while dealing on everything that's in store for us! 

More nice-things-to-know about the soap that do wonders:


I have mentioned about my friends and I rolling out the words, "Well, seems like we are the faces of Kojie!" So here's my half-face-kojie.san-inspired photo with a little editing to add spice! ♥


To wrap up everything, I wanna say, "What you use to pamper your finest clothing tells who you really are. BE ONE OF THE ORIGINALS! BE A FACE OF KOJIE.SAN!"  ♥

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