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The girl who is constantly dating with her purple and pink calculator. Thomasian. Not half Chinese just 1/4. Dreamer. Blogger since 2008.
"I have thoughts more tangled than your earphones."

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Going On Public Mode Again
Sunday, 19 July 2015 || 02:29 || COMMENT HERE ♥

I made this blog private months ago. I can't remember exactly how many months ago; When did I put it on  private mode. For some reasons, I am not comfortable if people I know personally scroll through my blog until god-knows-how-far-they-can-go page. I think I have mentioned it in some of my posts on the other blogging sites that when people told me in person that they accidentally came across my blog/s *yeah, blog slash s*, it feels I have shared a piece of something that is not supposed to be spilled. Freaking out silently, then asking myself what have they read and next time I will totes privatized my blog. Tho I could put on private mode some of the selected post (which is what I've been doing. I also did revert to draft few published posts I had before making this blog public again). HAHAHAHA! 

When some people ask me why am I even blogging if I do not want it to be read by people I'll just say that I do not want people I know PERSONALLY to read it. Not to mention the situation of them telling me, "Uy, nakita ko blog mo." It is like me hearing it as "Uy, nabasa ko lahat ng nasa blog mo."AND they'll subsequently throw me pieces of my blog posts. Really? Could you excuse me for a sec while I pull myself together or find a mask. It's not like my blog is a page online full of OOTDs, foods, places-you-should-visit-because-it's-a-sponsored-post, whatnots. I'd rather hear someone checking my blog posts if I have those kind of blogs. But mine is just like an online reverie closet of my random thoughts- fangirling, college happenings, 2-am-thoughts, name it! Basically, anything under the sun.  Ah-huh.

The time I make this blog private, I also start to become busy, MIA, like I make myself go also on hiatus. Seven years ago, my inner blogger self set up a blog(not this one) because I know at some point when I back read a post of mine, chances are, I will be motivated. Inspired. Time unfolds, I still blog whenever I have spare time, sometimes on tumblr. Until there were days when someone would tumblr-asked me, formspring-ed me, askfm-ed me about something-- mostly, college stuff. Like why did I choose BSA. Why AMV. And then I had this feeling I was not the only one motivating myself, but also a few who wanted to dare taking the same steps I did take before.

I have read my past post titled, What Feels Good for a Blogger. Ohhh feels. I think making this public again, it's worth it. 

PS: For someone I know in person, if you happen to discover my blog intentionally or not, it's okay. I chose to share those thoughts online. ;) 

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