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The girl who is constantly dating with her purple and pink calculator. Thomasian. Not half Chinese just 1/4. Dreamer. Blogger since 2008.
"I have thoughts more tangled than your earphones."

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Of Summer Heat, Blisters, Confrontations, and Pig Out [Late Post]
Thursday, 22 May 2014 || 04:28 || COMMENT HERE ♥

I don't want to make this post long. As much as possible, I only like to bombard this with lots of photos taken by my friend. Yes, more like photo blog post. Haha! But this will look unlively. So I am going to spice this up a bit by jotting down just few of what happened the day these photos were taken.

Basically, my friend just asked for a help to shoot around UP Diliman for his project. I won't disclose what was it all about because we didn't come up with good shots. Blame the unbearable heat of the sun, maybe? =)) This was really a last minute shoot.
We headed to Fishermall to arrange the photos on a board, then after more than 40 minutes deciding where to eat and stay, we just found ourselves entering the doors of Colds Layer! Truth be told, I was already tired and hungry so I just followed his way to that sort of cozy Colds Layer place. No worries, 'cause the bill was all on him that time.  Not to mention the free Wi-fi :)
When we were about to finish our meal the store owner handed us free refreshment with milk powder on top (Sorry, I dunno what it is called.) My friend and I both agreed that the milk powder tastes familiar. It's tasty tho! :)  Who said there's no more free stuff here on Earth?

Speaking of free, I am sharing this Firmoo voucher code 72b859e6a. This can save $30 off on the Vintage Cat Eye Frames!
Not long after, we went to Amoranto Sports Complex to pass his project. Since my feet were already aching that time because of my flats, I just stayed in the court trying whilst rummaging through my mind of the right words to say to the one we were going to meet up in the mall after.
We first had our afternoon snack at 7 eleven Roces-Pantranco. It's nice to know that the kuya (I forgot the name. meh) who's works there still knows and calls me by the monicker he gave me during my High School days. Haha! Mang Juan came into the picture! Wahaha. That was the day after PBB aired Alex-Axel Mang Juan scene. FYI, before we left, the lady behind our table was also eating a pack of it. Wow, Mang Juan!

My friend waited for me on the ground floor level. I went straight to 2nd floor and meet someone-who-must-not-be-named. Finally, we talked with a lil bit of initial awkwardness around. Okay. I won't spill everything here. I'd rather not talk about it either. Then we part ways, and looked for my friend at the grocery for like 5 minutes! UGH -__- Langya pa ng ringback tone na, Maybe This Time. Nahawa phone ko!
Before going home, we had our Belgian Waffles first at the food court. You see, we pigged out a lot.

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You Don't Need To Climb
Tuesday, 15 April 2014 || 09:42 || COMMENT HERE ♥

Why are you still single? Why don't you grab that chance to tell him what you feel? Why did you do that? and so much countless why's.  

Can I please brush those off under the rug? I can't seem to pinpoint every right reason to throw, and tell to myself and to those asking, "huh I am so right not to let him in!" I think I am unconsciously finding a certain move from someone. The next thing I know, I am already building walls even if I don't want to. You see, I have no idea.

Honestly, I like it that way--building walls, wanting someone to climb what I have set just to avoid mishaps, etc. I am so done with douchebags. I can't just welcome every c'mon-you-might-miss-this-chance lines just for a guy. Prolly I am scared. Not brave enough to face the inevitable hurt feels.

I happen to change my perspective because of a chitchat with my friend and Sherry Argov's book. The principle #2 as you can see below, moved me right into the feels. That made me realize, I may not be ready knock the walls down, but I am geared to make hole in the wall now. Not big enough tho.

Now I understand why they left so damn easily. Like I've flashing signages, "effyeah, go away!" But really, I don't. I do care. I just want more proofs. Well, for guys out there who encounter ladies like what I am blogging about,  I want to tell you that you don't have to climb the walls, you can knock it off or make holes. Remember, we just build walls. There are still some spaces where your TRUE FEELINGS can seep through to remind us you're serious. That's all what I want you to realize.

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